World Conferences & Declarations

The role of International Conferences

International Conferences help improving the work of the United Nations and its specialized agencies

World: In conjounction with the work done in the institutional framework, World Conferences have a significant impact on the work of the UN. World conferences are an instrument used by the member countries of the UN and its specialized agencies in association with members of the civil society and the economic sector, in order to identify and give guidance on the action that should be undertaken at the international scale on many different topic such as: Education, Environment and Sustainable Development, Women’s and Child’s Rights, Habitat etc. Those conferences constitute an international platform of cooperation that consistently helps improving the work done within the institutional process by all the “stake-holders”. Those conferences take the form of an official meeting during which resolutions and a plan of action are adopted on a specific issue. Therefore, those conferences have to be understood as a process that have to be implemented through the time. To ensure the efficiency of the implementation cycle, the plan of action has to be reviewed on a periodic basis, generally 5 years after the first conference.

Human Rights

Peace & Disarmament

Justice & International Law

Health, Population & Food

Youth, Women & Seniors

Education, culture & religions

Environment & Climate

1979-2009 30 years of World Conferences on Climate Change

Panorama des Conférences Mondiales sur le changement climatique

The Kyoto Protocol

Economy & Development

Civil Society & Globalization

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